12/12/2012 - 09:30 - 17:00
DR Byen

See seminar recording at www.dr.dk/kulturarv/sharecare12

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We have moved the seminar to another venue at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The seminar will now take place at The Foyer Stage, DR-byen.

At last year's "Sharing is Caring" seminar we set the agenda for why it is important that cultural heritage institutions open up our digitized assets to the public, and how it can be done. This year, let's get real: Let's learn from concrete cases at institutions who have taken radical steps to open up and collaborate with the public. What are the challenges when opening up and engaging with the public – not only traditional cultural heritage lovers, but also people we don't normally reach: Non-users and users who might not fit into a Eurocentric definition of culture. What can we learn if we open up to authentic two-way dialogue that might demand us to change?

What are the hard facts behind the philanthropic vision of opening up? How do vision and reality interact? What do the actual usage, statistics, and data tell? What are the keys to success, and what are the biggest barriers that we must face when engaging with users and letting go of control over our assets.

See full program in the red box to the right, and read blogs by the speakers

Organized by the Association of Danish Museums, Statens Museum for Kunst and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.
Several prominent speakers - see program!

Kr. 300,- (lunch included)