04/09/2018 - 07/09/2018
The National Museum of Denmark, I.C. Modewegsvej, Brede, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
The course attempts to give a solid but comprehensible theoretical background in the field of waterlogged archaeological wood conservation with PEG impregnation followed by vacuum freeze-drying. Theoretical sessions will be combined with small practical measuring exercises linked to the processes in the conservation procedure. The course is both directed towards newcomers within the field and practicing conservators wanting a brushup on the theoretical background.
The course will include the following subjects:
  • Material characterisation of waterlogged archaeological wood
  • Why and how to dry waterlogged wood
  • Basic principles of and theoretic model for vacuum freeze-drying
  • Freeze-drying of waterlogged porous collapsible materials
  • Impregnation theory
  • Phase diagrams for water and PEG
  • Requirements for the freeze-dryer system and process control
It will be possible for participants to bring their own sample material and/or impregnation solution to use in the practical exercises. Detailed program will be announced in June 2018.
Poul Jensen, Lars Brock Andersen and Nanna Bjerregaard Pedersen.

Poul Jensen holds a MSc in forestry (1976) from the Royal University of Agriculture of Denmark and a PhD in diffusion and sorption in waterlogged wood (1996) from the Royal University of Agriculture of Denmark. From 1989 to 2011 he was responsible for the research activities for conservation of waterlogged archaeological materials at the National Museum of Denmark. His main areas of research is impregnation, sorption, freeze drying, mathematical modelling of conservation processes and in situ preservation. Since 2011 Poul has used his competences in the small enterprise AKUT that provides technically unique solutions to a number of well-known Danish museums and private corporations.
Lars Brock Andersen is conservation technician from the School of Conservation in Copenhagen, DK (1982). Lars has worked with practical freeze drying at Moesgaard Museum, DK (1985 – 1994) and at Museernes Bevaringscenter i Skive, DK (1994 – 2017). He has profound experience with teaching in freeze drying and conservation of waterlogged wood and is author of the textbook “Frysetørring af arkæologisk træ (English title: Freeze drying of archaeological wood), School of Conservation, Copenhagen, 1993” still in use for conservation students in Denmark. 
Nanna Bjerregaard Pedersen holds a MSc in conservation from the School of Conservation in Denmark (2009) and a PhD in waterlogged wood degradation from University of Copenhagen (2014). Nanna has experience in research, practical conservation, and teaching/supervision within wood science, wood degradation and waterlogged wood conservation.
The course will be taught in English.
Course fee
The course fee is DKK 5.210 (EUR 700) and includes lunch, coffee and a course dinner in Copenhagen City. Participants will have to provide for their own accommodation in either Copenhagen or Kgs. Lyngby. A minimum of 15 participants are needed to establish the course.
Target group:
Conservators and technical staff from conservation workshops
Poul Jensen, Lars Brock Andersen and Nanna Bjerregaard Pedersen.
Registration deadline:

DKK 5.210 (EUR 700)