Medical Museion and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) are looking for a digital curator to develop, program, and manage digital communication platforms, including websites, social media, and other online platforms. The digital curator will work both independently, and in collaboration with external consultants.

Medical Museion ( is the medical museum of the University of Copenhagen and an interdisciplinary research group, working together to engage diverse audiences in health and medical sciences in their cultural, historical, and philosophical context. 

CBMR ( is an international research center conducting interdisciplinary research into fundamental metabolic processes, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Center’s Program for Metabolic Science in Culture is an integral part of Medical Museion, producing exhibitions, events, online communication, research and teaching that aims to push the boundaries of how we can engage people in metabolic science and the profound human experiences it invokes. 

This role will be part of an expanded communications team, including staff working in exhibition and graphic design, AV communication, marketing, events planning, and science communication. The digital curator will maintain and feed web platforms, as well as designing and implementing new online communication methods, and liaising with external consultants on larger projects. They will also be involved in developing a publicly accessible interface with the museum collections. The team combines daily maintenance of a communication environment with creative thinking about future strategy and experimental projects. 

Work tasks

  • Strategic development: Develop strategic but responsive plan for digital platforms at both Medical Museion and CBMR, in collaboration with the wider communications team. 
  • Website infrastructure: Develop, maintain, and feed the core websites for both Medical Museion and CBMR. This involves programming in both wordpress and CMS, but external consultants can be employed for major new platform developments. Manage web subscriptions and hosting.
  • Digital communication projects: Develop innovative online communication projects, in dialogue with exhibition, event, and science communication activities at Medical Museion. Podcasts is one potential area for development, along with web exhibitions, and reporting formats. 
  • Museum training: Support Medical Museion staff in utilizing online media to communicate and engage people in the processes of their work and exhibition projects.
  • Scientist training: Help organize training and input for scientists, in terms of their intrascientific and public digital communication. Offered within CBMR and to other scientific stakeholders.  
  • Knowledge: Continually survey and evaluate current landscape of web and social media for museums and scientific research institutes, apply relevant new tools, and attend conferences to present the work at Medical Museion and CBMR.
  • User data: Gather basic statistics and other information about how digital platforms are used. 

You are expected to have excellent digital skills, centrally the ability to manage, maintain, and creatively develop web platforms. You must be technically independent, and able to drive liaison with external digital companies for larger projects. Your educational background could be from many different disciplinary sectors, but some demonstrable interest in both health and medical sciences, and public or artistic institutions, would be a bonus – this might come from your education, work experience, or hobbies. 

In addition, the museum and research center are looking for somebody with: 

  • Experience managing and developing web platforms for organisations or groups
  • Demonstrable interests in scientific research, health or medicine is a bonus
  • Demonstrable interest in public spaces, institutions, or activities such as museums, festivals, or citizen’s organizations is a bonus
  • A creative and critical perspective on the role of online media in connecting publics to science
  • Able to program using wordpress and CMS, and handle multimedia and plugins 
  • Quantitative skills, ability to work with statistics for media use
  • An aesthetic sense is desirable, though the role will collaborate with a graphic designer 
  • Good communication and teamwork skills, ability to support others with less technical expertise
  • Fluent Danish and English required.

For further questions about the job description and qualifications, please contact Head of Exhibitions Bente Vinge Pedersen at, or Associate Professor Louise Whiteley at

Your application in Danish or English should include:  

  • Motivation letter (max one page)  
  • Curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)  
  • List of publications  
  • A certified/signed copy of certificate(s) of education 

Deadline for applications is 1 June 2019.

For more information and application go to