The National Museum has a long tradition of research in the intersection between archaeology and the natural sciences (archaeometry) at a high international level. It is the National Museum´s ambition to maintain and strengthen this position by upgrading the research area with a permanent position at Full Professor level.

The successful applicant will be specialized within isotope-based provenance studies of people and objects from prehistoric and historical periods; i.e. the study of the provenance and mobility of past people and their objects. In addition to its very rich collections of objects, The National Museum has one of the world´s largest skeleton collections comprising human tissue from the last 10.000 years; from the Stone Age until the 18th century. This creates a unique platform for improving our understanding of human life histories which in the interaction with the material culture can significantly increase our insights into past societies and their dynamics, including reasons for cultural change. The new Professor is expected to focus on exploring the potential of the National Museum´s skeleton collection and the development of the archaeometric research field in collaboration with internal colleagues at the Museum as well as external researchers, nationally and internationally.

Job description

The Professor is expected to make a significant contribution to the research field and must ensure that research and outreach activities within the area are thriving. Furthermore, he or she must act as a mentor to young researchers and research students.

The responsibilities will primarily consist of:

  • Developing research projects at an international competitive level
  • Acquisition of competitive Funding
  • Academic and public dissemination of the results • Performing leadership, including the guidance and supervision of young researchers
  • Engaging in the Museum´s internal and external academic activities

Applications must be sent via the electronic recruitment system on our website / job and must be uploaded by 7 December 2018.

For more information about the position and application procedure