Synthetic polymeric materials are relatively new and their durability or degradation is increasingly affecting our cultural heritage, ecosystems and health. Their compositions, lifetimes and interaction with surrounding environments both indoors and outdoors, locally and globally are important to understand in depth using interdisciplinary, scientific studies. In order to further develop its expertise in synthetic polymeric materials and contribute significantly to current and future interdisciplinary research projects focusing on the lifetimes and other consequences of these materials for our cultural heritage, ecosystems and other societal applications, the National Museum of Denmark is seeking a Research Professor (MSO).

The position

The main responsibilities of the Research Professor (MSO) are:

  • to lead research into the lifetimes and degradation of synthetic polymeric materials in both cultural heritage and other society-related fields
  • to develop analytical techniques to study the composition and state of synthetic polymeric materials from indoor and outdoor environments
  • to establish projects that further develop the research potential of synthetic polymers found within the National Museum of Denmark’s collections
  • to establish and lead interdisciplinary research projects in the academic field of synthetic polymeric materials
  • to further develop advisory, outreach and dissemination of research activities within synthetic polymeric materials

Required qualifications

The successful candidate should be able to:

  • document an academic degree in polymer chemistry or corresponding competences and profound experience in conducting research into the stability and conservation of synthetic polymeric materials in cultural heritage and other applications
  • document a high degree of original academic production at an international level, including considerable contributions to the development of the academic discipline
  • document a high degree of experience in inter-disciplinary research, including good collaboration skills
  • ocument experience and skills in leadership, management and administration

Since the primary working language at the National Museum is Danish, a new non-Danish-speaking employee is expected to acquire the necessary Danish language skills within a short period of time (max. two years).

Salary and terms of employment

The Professorship is a time-limited position for 5 years. The working hours are 37 hours a week. The position is covered by the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikernes Centralorganisation, AC) and Circular concerning the job structure for academic staff with research responsibilities in archives, libraries, museums etc. under the Danish Ministry of Culture.

The position will be filled by 1 January 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The place of work is section of “Environmental Archaeology and Materials Science” in Brede, approx. 15 km north of Copenhagen.

Application procedure

The National Museum is actively working to promote equality among employees and encourages all qualified, regardless of personal background, to apply for the position.

The application must be submitted in English and must include the following: (i) Curriculum vitae including a complete publication list, (ii) Diplomas (Master and PhD degree or equivalent), (iii) Research plan (description of current and future research plans; Max. 2-3 pages), (iv) Copies of publications to be considered in the assessment. Applicants may choose a maximum of five scholarly works, of which a maximum of two may be monographs, and at least three of the works must have been published no more than five years before the application deadline.

If a publication has more than one author, or is the result of a collective effort, it must be clearly specified which part of the publication the applicant is responsible for.

Applications must be sent via the electronic recruitment system on our website / job and must be uploaded by 1 October 2019.

Any publications to be included in the assessment must be received by The National Museum of Denmark, Personale, Frederiksholms Kanal 12, DK-1220 Copenhagen K on 1 October 2019. Publications can either be uploaded to the recruitment system or sent to the National Museum of Denmark, Frederiksholms Kanal 12, 1220 Copenhagen K, Denmark, marking the envelope ‘Personale’. Publications sent to the Museum must be submitted in 3 copies. Only monographs/books will be returned.

The Research Council of the Ministry of Culture will set up an expert Assessment Committee to evaluate the applications. When the Committee has completed its assessment, each applicant will receive the part of the overall assessment that specifically refers to her/him. Qualified applicants will be invited for interviews in a panel set up by the National Museum.

For specific questions about the position, please contact Deputy Director Jesper Stub Johnsen, Department for Research, Collections and Conservation,, phone +45 41 20 65 00 or Head of Environmental Archaeology and Materials Science, Peter Rasmussen,, phone +45 41 20 65 45.

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