Project Baa Baa is a cultural partner of Galway 2020, EU City of Culture region. Our project is celebrating sheep farming and associated traditions that are a part of Irish and EU cultural heritage. This will take place in Galway, Ireland in May 2020.

We are creating an exhibition of traditional woollen garments and/or textiles from sheep farming regions of Europe. This will be accompanied by interpretation and the language of each country (region).

Typical Wool textiles or clothing from regions of Europe.

EXHIBITION - Traditional/Folk Wool Textiles or Clothing
The exhibition, European Traditional/Folk Wool Textiles or Clothing will include examples from each European Country/Region. We would like to include one to three (1-3) pieces from your country/region.

Please send a photograph attached with your email and address details.

Description of Textile or Clothing
Each piece must be described, for example, the pattern or the story or how it is made. Any history related is welcome, for example, songs, poetry, or other. You can send this in your language also as we will use it.

Once you have identified examples (1-3) by email to us we will arrange the details with you. Please supply contact email and phone number.

Postage Out/Return
We will pay for the transport of the Textile or Clothing items to and from your address. Please supply the correct postal address.

If you have any suggestions as to contacts in your area/region that may be helpful to this project, such as heritage agency, museums, etc. we would greatly appreciate your referral.

More information on or e-mail