Curator/anthropologist for Museum Anthropology at Moesgaard

Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University are looking for a museum curator with qualifications that, as a minimum, can lead to a positive assessment as associate professor of anthropology.

Ansøgningsfrist: 05-02-2023

If appointed, you will play a leading role in the development of anthropology and ethnography at Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University within the fields of research, knowledge dissemination and teaching. You will have key responsibility for further developing the existing unique collaboration between Moesgaard Museum and Aarhus University.

The position will be anchored at Moesgaard Museum and the job description will include elements from both Moesgaard Museum and the Department of Anthropology at Aarhus University.

Moesgaard Museum is about to develop a new role and a new direction for anthropology.  In the future, anthropology should adopt a clearer role in the museum’s activities, by forging strong bonds with the interdisciplinary work environment there. The museum also wishes to develop a new concept for ethnographical exhibitions and their connections to the museum’s visitor-oriented activities.

The Department of Anthropology at Aarhus University wants to strengthen research and teaching related to museum anthropology and cultural heritage studies, e.g.: material and visual culture, knowledge dissemination, collaborative, experimental and co-creative research methods and/or understanding the role of the cultural heritage today. The applicant should also be able to see the potential of translating general anthropological research knowledge into a museum context.

The right candidate will be the driving force behind these developments, in collaboration with the museum and the university managements as well as the anthropological environments at both institutions. The position refers to the general strategies of as well Moesgaard Museum as Aarhus University.

You are research- and visitor-oriented

We are looking for an anthropologist with a strong research profile and clear ideas about the future direction of museum anthropology, both at the museum and at the university department. We are looking for a person who will build on and develop existing aims, visions, collaborative traditions, and established partnerships. We expect the candidate to engage in exhibition projects, educational programmes and the continuous development of visual and multimodal anthropology.

It is important that you possess strong collaborative abilities, as the position will be established across institutions. You must be able to work within a strategic framework, understand the societal roles and responsibilities of museums. Experience of presentation to, and involvement of the general public will also be an advantage.

You are expected to engage in the development of long-term joint research themes, which reinforce museum anthropology and the collaboration between the two institutions. You will also teach at the Department of Anthropology and contribute to the department’s teaching programmes, with particular emphasis on museum-relevant themes.

It is crucial that you have a professional approach and an interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, as we expect the candidate to contribute to strengthening the links between anthropology and other professional competences at both the museum and the university.

You will have a PhD in anthropology or related subject and documented teaching and publication records, which can, as a minimum, result in a positive assessment as associate professor.

If you do not already speak Danish, you are expected to learn the language within 2 years of your appointment.

We are offering

An exciting job encompassing professional challenges in a creative milieu with broad horizons and high ambitions. Your place of work will be at Moesgaard Museum. You will work on average a 37-hour week. Salary and conditions in accordance with the collective agreement for academics in state employment, a range of employee benefits and an active staff association. Starting date as soon as possible.


Send your application plus relevant supporting documents in doc- or pdf-format as a single file to with ‘Curator/anthropologist for museum anthropology’ in the subject field by Sunday 5. February 2023. All applications will be treated in strict confidence. The selection procedure will include a personality test. We expect to hold job interviews in week 8 2023. If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact the head of the Ethnographical Department, Moesgaard Museum, Klaus Markmann Jensen by telephone (+45) 61269692 or by email and/or head of the Department of Anthropology, Aarhus University, Susanne Højlund by email

Moesgaard Museum is a self-governing institution comprising Moesgaard Museum in Højbjerg, the Viking Museum in Aarhus, Odder Museum and Samsø Museum.

Moesgaard Museum specialises in archaeology and anthropology, mounts internationally acknowledged exhibitions and receives 3-400,000 visitors annually. The museum undertakes both national and international research.

Moesgaard Museum is the workplace of more than 300 museum and university employees and enjoys close collaborative links with Aarhus University.

Moesgaard Museum has three stars in the Michelin Green Travel Guide. It is one of the top ten most popular museums in Denmark.

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