Last Chance to Join the LOST 2022 – Stone Age Conference

Conference sign-up deadline: May 18. 2022
Date: June 16.-17. 2022

In conjunction with the close of the excavations at the Femern Belt Link, Museum Lolland Falster, in collaboration with Aarhus University and the National Museum, will hold an international conference on 16 – 17 June 2022 on the topic of

LOST 2022 – Changing identity in a changing world


From 2013-2022 the largest Stone Age excavation ever undertaken in Denmark, has revealed an entire fiord landscape beneath massive marine sediments. Here
we have found sites with exceptional preservation conditions for organic materials.


Different presentations will discuss the time around 4000 cal. BC from different angles, with the objective to show how identity and perception were impacted by changing
landscapes, human interaction and vice-versa. Topics like technological change, archaeological analysis of identity, aspects of landscape interaction and perception in
the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic will be addressed by different researchers from Europe.

The conference contributions will be available in a subsequent conference publication; “Lolland’s Lost Landscapes I: Changing Identities in a changing world. Current studies on the Stone Age in the western Baltic”. The book will be made available for sale from the fall of 2023, but early sign-up for a copy will be possible with an early-bird discount at the conference.

Practical information:

Entry fee/Where to sign up? Online entry
Conference sign-up deadline: May 18. 2022
Venue: Milling Hotel Søpark, Vestergade 29, 4930 Maribo.
Date: June 16.-17. 2022

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